San Diego Airport Contract Extended for Five Years Says Ace Parking’s Keith Jones

Ace Parking has been a fixImageture at the San Diego airport for more than 35 years. This was scheduled to come to an end recently with the executives at the airport pushing to bring in a new parking management company. Even though Standard parking management made a great proposal for their services, in the end Ace Parking was the right choice for saving the airport money and earning higher revenues.

Keith Jones was there at the board of directors meeting to encourage what became a 7-1 vote in favor of keeping Ace Parking in charge of the parking lots for the San Diego airport. The opposition, Jack Ricchuito from Standard, at one point was angry at the suggestion Ace Parking could save the airport an additional $5 million, but this was not enough to convince the board it was not possible.

The longstanding relationship between the airport and Ace Parking, along with the additional cuts in the revenue Ace would generate for managing the parking lot was among the deciding factors in maintaining the existing contract. As part of the new contract, Ace will be helping to establish a plate recognition system along with other upgrades to the parking facility to help in running it more efficiently.

While the battle at the board of directors was hard fought, Keith Jones was able to convince the members Ace Parking is, and will remain, the right choice. He said at one point, “we will stay hungry for you guys!” This is at the heart of what the board of directors and the people of San Diego have come to expect from one of the largest and friendliest parking management companies in the area. Keith and the entire Ace Parking family are excited to maintain the relationship with the airport and are hoping for another 35 years and more!

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